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Sirius XM Ch 52 Diplo’s Revolution

Airs First Fridays at 9PM EST

+Re-Air Saturday at 10PM EST

+Re-Air Tuesday at 12PM EST

Then & Now Show 10 (First Aired on Sirius XM 07/05/19)

Then & Now Show 09 (First Aired on Sirius XM 06/07/19)

Then & Now Show 08 (First Aired on Sirius XM 05/02/19)

Then & Now Show 07 (First Aired on Sirius XM 04/05/19)

Then & Now Show 06 (First Aired On Sirius XM 03/01/19)

Then & Now Show 05 (First Aired On Sirius XM 02/01/19)

Then & Now Show 04 (First Aired On Sirius XM 01/04/19)

Then & Now Show 03 (First Aired On Sirius XM 12/07/18)

Then & Now Show 02 (First Aired On Sirius XM 11/02/18)

Then & Now Show 01 (First Aired On Sirius XM 10/05/18)

Then & Now Show 00 (Demo For Sirius XM, May 2018)

Diggz Does House: Summer Cooldown Vol. 2 (30min Mini Mix, Summer 2018)

Revolution Remix 4 Year Anniversary / 5m+ plays (ala Diplo's SoundCloud)

Note: This official remix is available on iTunes, Spotify, etc & Track 8 on Diplo's "Random White Dude" CD

Funky Summer 2017 (30min Mini Mix)

Diggz Does House: Summer Cooldown (30min Mini Mix, 2016)

Summer Vibes (30min Mini Mix, 2016)

Take a walk down memory lane with this one... #RIPDJAM Exclusive from our very own Danny Diggz. Check out this classic DJ AM routine of Lynyrd Skynyrd's - "Sweet Home Alabama" vs. Super Duck Break Beat blended with Twenty One Pilots' - "Stressed Out". Audio by Danny Diggz and Video by DJ Scooter.

DMS Mini Mix (Live) (Released March 2015) - Deep & Future House!

Fantastic 4Mat Vol. 4 (Released 12.13.14) - 4 DJ's 4 Genres!