Here you can acquire custom DJ Drops from Diggz!

Step 1: Pick how many sentences of script you'd like to have Diggz run for you.

Step 2: Pay for your scripts using the "Buy Now" button below.

Step 3: Use the form below the button to email Diggz your drop scripts.

Step 4: Diggz will email you back your finished drops within 24-48 hours*

*Note: Preview heard here is of a standard "2 Sentence" order. The turn around time for these are are typically 1-2 days. If you need your drops sooner, or would like more than 10 feel please email to discuss. Keep in mind for any order of 5 or more drops you may combine the order with another DJ/multiple DJ's (ie. 2 for one DJ, 3 for another) Keep in mind ALL drops will be done "Dry" meaning NO effects added, and they will be sent as a single 320kbps mp3.

How many drops?
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Please be as specific as possible, unless you want me to do them off the top for you!