DJ Danny Diggz will always be obsessed with music and he's found his niche; which is undoubtedly making, and re-making custom audio artworks on a regular basis and spinning them live. Though never known for being much of a traditional musician or vocalist his voice can still be heard while emceeing, and music felt, on a nightly basis in nightlife worldwide.

Over the years Diggz has become a household name with his plentiful bootlegs & edits, but has since grown to producing original remixes as well, such as his massively popular (5.2m+ plays) remix of Diplo’s trap anthem “Revolution” (Find Diggz' remix as Track 8 on Diplo’s “Random White Dude…” CD) Additionally, Diggz has picked up a monthly show on Diplo’s Revolution XM channel 52 with Vegas friend DJ Mighty Mi “The Then & Now Show” Mixing new & old monthly on air for an hour. Regardless if you've never attended an event with him in the mix, it's nearly impossible to not have heard at least one of his mixes-Somewhere!

Danny has now spun cities in over half the US States as well as multiple international dates in places as far away as Shanghai, China and Hong Kong. Locally in the US he's shown his versatility by working for respected companies such as Direct Music Service, Sirius XM, Pioneer DJ (DJ/Demonstrator) and also with Clear Channel as their only live on-air mixshow DJ on WKSS Kiss 957. More recently he has accepted a position working for Billboard, as a Billboard club DJ reporting to them his weekly top 20 tracks for their dance music charts - Notably the ONLY DJ doing so in his home state.

Having deejayed thousands of gigs from nightclubs to radio to private events and all in between spinning music from all genres with ease, Danny Diggz proves to be an incredibly creative live DJ while still maintaining his talent for music production work as well.